3 November, from 11.00am to 6.00pm

Young Film Makers Day at the BFI

Interested in how films are made? Here's your chance to find out. Join other Young Film Makers (15 to 30) at the British Film Institute (BFI) on London'™s South Bank for the We The Peoples Film Festival Youth Day on Sunday 3 November. Join expert-led master-classes in film-making, animation and movie production. Some will make films which will be screened the same day.

Watch the best new films and documentaries made this year - all on the BFI'™s big screen. And choose who wins the awards. It might be you! Got an idea for a short film? Enter the #tweetapitch competition for a £500 bursary towards the film you really want to make. With free advice from experts thrown in, you will be able to screen your winning film at next year's Young Film Makers Day! There will be loads more happening on the day. So save the date!! Participation is FREE but you must register to receive important updates.
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BFI (National Film Theatre), SouthBank

13 November at 7pm, The Waterpoet presents

The Well: Water voices from Ethiopia


Directors: Paolo Barberi, Riccardo Russo. 56 mins

Come the dry season, Borana herders gather with their livestock around their ancient wells. Huge hand-excavated craters, known as “singing wells,” allow them to survive during the long annual droughts, when thousands of people and animals move closer in search for survival. Young shepherds form human chains, reaching the depths of the well. Nobody can be denied to access water, neither the herders of an enemy tribe in need. Drinkable water is surely a fundamental human right.



Director: David Fedele 20 mins

Have you ever wondered what happens to your electronics at the end of their life? Almost 50 million tonnes of e-waste (electronic waste) are generated worldwide every year. A large volume of second-hand and condemned electronic goods arrive in developing countries from the “developed” world, with a significant quantity arriving as e-waste, exported illegally as second hand goods. Without dialogue or narration, E-WASTELAND presents a visual portrait of unregulated e-waste recycling in Ghana, West Africa, where electronics are not seen for what they once were, but rather for what they have become. Winner of several Film Awards.

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For more info on the fabulous Water Poet, go to http://www.thewaterpoet.co.uk/

The Water Poet
9-11 Folgate St
E1 6BX London

15 November at 6.30pm

The Noise of Cairo


Director: Heiko Lange, 56 mins

The Noise of Cairo' is a cinematic adventure, following the interplay between art and the revolution in Egypt. Protest of any kind was punished violently in pre-revolutionary Egypt and artistic expression was considered nothing but a threat to the status quo. But since the fall of the Mubarak dictatorship, the art scene in Cairo is flourishing once again. How did the revolution of 2011 change Egyptian artists and their work? Twelve influencers from Cairo'™s cultural scene lead us on a journey to understand the unique role artists played during the revolution in Cairo. This documentary bears witness to Cairo'™s vibrant artistic underbelly, as it raises its voice once again. The artists of Cairo, who refused to quiet down, come together to be heard. These individuals create 'The Noise of Cairo'.

Sorry to Interrupt

Director: David Marius Lorenz, 13 mins

An experimental documentary about Nicole Y, a story of hope set on the Berlin Underground system "Ladies and Gentlemen, excuse me for interrupting......"
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Room B102, Brunei Gallery
School of Oriental & African Studies
Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG

20 November at 7.00pm

Through the Fire


Director: Eunice Lau

'Through the Fire'™ shows a side of Somalia beyond the all-too-familiar news reports of piracy, war, and famine. It tells the stories of remarkable Somali women who risk their lives to run essential humanitarian projects that have sustained their communities through decades of conflict. By giving insights into the strength and resilience of these women, we see how they use their personal tragedies to compel themselves to work for the greater good rather than remaining helpless victims of circumstances.

The documentary gives an intimate portrait of the life and work of three exceptional women, who, in the midst of two decades of bitter civil war, have risen up to rebuild their shattered nation. They have each fought against seemingly insurmountable obstacles to spearhead efforts towards peace, laying foundations for social, health and educational infrastructure. The stories of these women and all that they have achieved are truly inspiring. When the world abandoned them and their communities, they refused to give up or walk away.

The screening will be followed by Q & A session with Co-Producer Sarah Whitfield and members of the Somali diaspora working with the film'™s central characters.
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Pearson G22 LT
University College London
Gower Street

20 November at 7pm
'Shorts on the Platform'

An evening of short films with intervals offering the opportunity for comment and time to enjoy the delicious food that brings us all to The Platform Bar and Terrace.

Avant que Tout Perdre


Director: Xavier Legrand, 29 mins, subtitles

Award-winning film which tells about Miriam who, with her two children, escapes her husband who she fears.

The Swing of the Coffin Maker


Director: Elmar Ivanov, 30 mins

Azerbaijan. Yagub lives with his mentally disabled son Musa, whom he easily loses patience with, until a shattering piece of news from the doctor brings about a sudden change.


Director: Leyla Bouzid, 27 mins

Zak is living in a village in southern France. He has a quiet life, with his wife and his two kids. When he learns about his father’s death in Algeria, he decides to go there with his family. Sarah, his daughter, refuses to come with him.

Zanta Clauz

Director: Walid Mattar, 15 mins

Getting by with jobs on construction sites, squatting a flat with fellow illegral immigrants, Foued lives in fear of arrest and deportation. One day, he is offered a well-paid job where he is certain to remain invisible......


Director: Simona Feldman, 9 minutes

Juri is growing up under deprived circumstances in a small village in the former Soviet Union. When his father moves to Germany to earn money for his family he hast to come to grips with a life without a father.

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The Platform Bar & Restaurant
Netil House, 1-7 Westgate Street, E8 3RL

20 November at 8.00pm

Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry


Director: Alison Klayman, 91mins

Celebrated artist, expert provocateur and one of China'™s most outspoken domestic critics, Ai Wei Wei inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics. This nuanced portrait of Ai reveals a man of unrelenting spirit whose passion and defiance continues.
Tickets £8.50 (conc £7.50)
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Riverside Studios
Crisp Road, London W6 9RL

22 November at 7.00pm

Casa Luz


Director: Navina Khatib, 60 mins

The documentary film "Casa Luz" gives an insight into the everyday life of Peruvian orphans. A life full of poverty, loss and grief '“ a path they did not choose '“ and yet they still manage to find their way

Wolf, are you there?

Director: Xavier Sirven, 28 mins

A cow mysteriously dies in a village. Camille, aged 8, who discovered the dead body observes and tries to understand.
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Ravensbourne University,
6 Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0EW

25 November at 7.00pm

Barbara Johns, the making of an icon


Director: Fabrice Chiambretto, 47 mins

Documentary about Barbara Johns who led a revolt against her Jim Crow High School in 1951. It marked the beginning of the Civil Rights movement and became one of the five Brown v. Board of Education cases. Her memorial stands Capitol Square in Richmond,VA.

Allah is Great


Director: Andrea Iannetta, 8 mins

Frank Asmas, a Danish Engineer, is leaving a Wind Farm located in a remote Indian village. He has to reach Nairobi, where he must attend an important conference. When he is ready to leave he learns the official car designated to him to the airport has not come due to political protests in the region


Director: Moritz Kramer, 15 mins

On the photoshoot, model Helen is unnerved. Back in the changing room she makes a surprising discovery, everything around her is edible - the chair the TV the walls'¦.Morris Kramer's strange approach to all things around us.
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Kings College London, Strand WC2R 2LS

Tuesday 26 November at 6.30pm

The London Film School presents People of a Feather

You can see the trailer here.

Featuring stunning footage from seven winters in the Arctic, People of a Feather takes you through time into the world of the Inuit on the Belcher Islands in Canada's Hudson Bay. Connecting past, present and future is a unique relationship with the eider duck. Eider down, the warmest feather in the world, allows both Inuit and bird to survive harsh Arctic winters.

Traditional life is juxtaposed with modern challenges as both Inuit and eiders confront changing sea ice and ocean currents disrupted by the massive hydroelectric dams powering New York and eastern North America. Inspired by Inuit ingenuity and the technology of a simple feather, the film is a call to action to implement energy solutions that work with nature. (90 minutes)

Selected awards:
Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Berlin Independent Film Festival
Winner, Leo Award Best Documentary, Best Screenwriting
Winner, Best Feature Film, Reel Earth New Zealand
Winner, Jury Award, Green Film Festival in Soeul
Winner, Best BC Film of 2011, Vancouver Film Critics Circle
Winner, Direction & Cinematography, New York International TV and Film Awards
Winner, Audience Choice, Best Environmental Film, Vancouver International Film Festival
Winner, Top 10 Canadian Films, Vancouver International Film Festival

LFS address:
Cinema A
24 Shelton Street
London WC2H 9UB
United Kingdom

T: +44(0)207 836 9642
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