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2014 web festival Programme



Wednesday 19th November 2014
On Wednesday 19th November The Water Poet Pub presented an evening dedicated to Children, the dynamics and challenges facing children from around the world in terms of their access to mainstream education, as well as providing interesting ideas for a better and happier childhoods for all.

The five movies included:
- "Our School" by Mona Nicoara;
- "Memento-Mori" by Daniela Wayllace;
- "Ghana: They Wanted Her to Marry at 10" by UNICEF;
- "The Joy of Reading" and "I Don't Think We Are Equal" by Dominique Telemaque.

To compliment the evening, two guest speakers were in attendance to provide additional thoughts and perspective. Alex Gray from the NSPCC ChildLine and Alina Serban is a Romanian Roma actress. They were both available for questioning from the audience at the end of the screening.

Overall, the evening was successful and attendees found the evening very informative and positive feedback was collected. This included “Our School was my favourite film of the evening as I felt close to it because in my country, Italy and on the continent in general we have known of the plight and problems related to the Roma people portrayed in this film. Many of them live in several countries and live on the margins of society. The film was very genuine and a true depiction of the lives of the Roma people in the village/area. It shows funny, ironic, dramatic, peaceful and joyous traits and I could see that it was also well received by the audience on the whole."

Photograph: Lolo, from the film “The Joy of Reading” a story about a 7 year old boy passionate about reading on a mission to obtain a book needed for school.

Friday 14th November 2014
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

On Friday 14 November at The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, as part of the WTPFF ninth season programme the screening of “A Syrian Story” film director Samer Beyhum, “Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution” film director Matthew VanDyke and “Tears” film director Yahya Ghobadi took place. For “A Syrian Story” and “Tears” the evening marked their UK premiere.

To complement the screening guest speakers were invited to provide additional thoughts, insight and perspective. Keith Hindell, former BBC broadcaster and UN correspondent, Zia Salik of Islamic Relief UK, just returned from a trip to Lebanon working on a programme for BBC 5 Live on Syria, and Jane Backhurst, Senior Humanitarian Policy Adviser for the British Red Cross, spoke on the crisis in Syria and the escalating humanitarian needs and living conditions of Syrian refugees and the UN’s role culminating in a lively and informative Q&A session. A common theme from the audience was focussing on how on a personal level, each and every individual could make a difference and positive contribution to the crisis.

Audience and guest feedback was very good with one guest commenting “Working in this field you become very accustomed to images like these. Coming to events like these help you connect again.”

If you would like to add your voice in helping the British Red Cross in their quest for respect in their humanitarian mission in the conflict in Syria and in allowing aid workers safe access to the people most in need please follow them at #RCRC150.

Here’s looking forward to the tenth WTPFF season in 2015.

Wednesday 12th November 2014
Platform Bar kindly hosted a screening dedicated to exploring the Israel - Palestine conflict with two films:

Voices Across The Wall, directed by Sam Liebmann, is a set of short stories and interviews which explored the Israel-Palestine conflict through the eyes of people on the ground. Sam Liebmann took us through the often unseen civilian aspect of war, allowing the viewer to see first hand the effect of conflict. Followed by Happiness Wrapped In A Blanket. directed by Yosi Artiz, a film that shows a tender love story with a background of social and political topics such as Arabs, Jews and foreign workers.

Sam Liebmann, the Director of Voices Across the Wall, held a Question and Answer session about his film with an interested and engaged audience.

To find out more about Sam’s work:


Tuesday 11th November 2014
The We the Peoples film festival screening at Ravensbourne University presented A Russian Fairytale, a powerful documentary following the lives of ‘street kids’ living in Perm, a large industrial city in central Russia. The film provided a fascinating insight into the day-to-day lives of a group of children born around the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union and their descent into homelessness, drug addiction and, in one case, death.

After the screening Jake Mobbs, the film's Director, fielded questions from the large audience "For me, it was a very good platform to talk about Love's Bridge, the charity in Perm that works to support these homeless young people and I found the discussion really interesting. And I also enjoyed watching the film again, this time on a big screen!" The audience feedback showed that many found the film both moving and insightful and they liked the screening's relaxed atmosphere.

Love’s Bridge gives Russia’s most vulnerable children and young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential, becoming healthy, happy, independent and self-reliant.

To follow this story and find out how you can help:

Jake Mobbs - Producer - Director - Editor

Pietrocola’sTake me to the Front scoops Short Film awards at Youth Day at the BFI
Saturday 8th November 2014
Stefano Pietrocola’s film about Hector, a British photojournalist, covering the Bosniain war in the ‘90s took all three audience awards at the opening event of the 2014 We the Peoples film festival. These were for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. Stefano was present to receive the Best Film and Best Director awards and Jimmy Tihovsi accepted the Best Actor award on behalf of Lee Hart who played the role of Hector. The other short films screened in the short programme were Shame and Glasses and Starry Eyes.

The Youth Day at the BFI also featured the popular #tweetapitch competition which awards a £500 bursary to a young film-maker together with an invitation to screen the completed film at the following year’s We the Peoples Youth Day at the BFI. This year, Jade Jackman won with her proposal to cover the work of a Kabul-based Afghan woman graffiti artist. Proposals by Yiman Lin and Ben Daniels were highly praised by the judges and both were invited to visit the BFI for further discussions.

Masterclasses were led by Rob Brown and Jake Hume whose film Sixteen was also screened and by film animation guru Helen Piercy as well as award-winning director Adeyemi Michael who gave a practical workshop on the art of documentary filmmaking. Iyare Igiehon hosted the Awards presentations which were followed by a reception. “It was a great day” said Vivienne Eka, Festival Director, “The young people learned a lot about film-making and also about the work of the United nations. Our special thanks go to Noel Goodwin and Matt Cuzner, our hosts at the BFI.


Tuesday 4th November 2014
We are pleased to announce that Jane Backhurst, Senior Humanitarian Policy Adviser at the British Red Cross, will be joining the Q&A panel on Friday 14th November at the School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS. Please feel free to join us.

Friday 24th October 2014
A Syrian Story, Not Anymore - A Story of Revolution and Tears to premiere on 14th November 2014. We The Peoples Film Festival announce the UK premiere of the three films by the award winning film directors Beyhum Samer, Matthew VanDyke and Yahya Ghobadi on Friday 14th November at The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

These three films about peace and war will form part of a longer debate on the conflict in Syria, the struggle for freedom and the impact of war on civilian life.

Please join us for an evening of discussion and Q&A. Refreshments will be provided. Free registration is available here.

Friday 10th October 2014
With less than a month to go to our opening, our event curators are busy adding the final touches to the 9th We The People's Film Festival:

Our annual Youth Day will be collaborating with the Royal African society and Film Africa 2014.

Alex Gray from the NSPCC will be joining the Q and A Panel at the Water Poet on Wednesday 19th November.

Wednesday 8th October 2014
College of North West London, screening confirmed for Thursday 13th November.

Saturday 4th October 2014
We’re excited to announce the screening of the feature film "Sixteen", a Karlovy Vary ‘14 Nominee at our annual Youth Day, on Saturday 8th November. Rob Brown and Jake Hume the film director and producer, respectively, will be joining the Q & A panel that follows the screening.

On Tuesday 11th November please join us for an evening at Ravensbourne University for A Russian Fairytale, directed by Jake Mobbs in association with Love’s Bridge.

At the Water Poet, Liverpool street on Wednesday 19th November at 6.30 pm we will be hosting an evening of films dedicated to “child Abuse and educational programmes.” We are pleased to announce a Q&A with a special guest from the NSPCC.

Further details on the above screenings and how to register are soon to be announced.

Sunday 28th September 2014
The We The Peoples Film Festival programme is soon to be announced and we are delighted to work with a variety of brilliant independent filmmakers. Their pioneering work, wonderful images and remarkable storytelling will educate and inspire audiences and encourage the exchange of ideas.

Friday 6th June 2014
We are delighted to be collaborating once again with the students from Ashdown Academy to curate a We The Peoples Film Festival 2014.

Saturday 19th April 2014
We are delighted to announce that The We The Peoples's Film Festival is now open for film submissions for the November festival taking place between Saturday 8th November - Friday 21st November.
Wednesday 20th November 2013
As part of the We The Peoples film festival, UCL UN Society hosted the UK premiere of 'Through the Fire' which featured the work of three remarkable Somali women. Dr Edna Adam, a UK-trained midwife[...] read more

“The Noise of Cairo” prompts debate on free expression in Egypt
Friday 15th November 2013
Screened at the School of Oriental & African Studies, “The Noise of Cairo” followed the interplay between art and the 2011 revolution in Egypt. German Director Heiko Lange’s small film crew film caught up with leading characters in Cairo’s cultural scene who led him and his cinematic audience on a journey to understand the unique role artists played during the revolution in Cairo[...] read more

Water is a human right, say Ethiopian herders
Wednesday 13th November 2013
The 2013 Festival’s opening film challenged our assumptions on a basic human right, the right to drinkable water. The Well: Water voices from Ethiopia follows the Borana herders [...] read more

Sunday 3rd November 2013
We the peoples film festival got of to a fantastic start at the BFI on Sunday 3rd November. It was an exciting day for young film makers who were able to enhance the filmmaking skills. We are also pleased to announce the 2013 winner of the #tweetapitch competition Maria Shibata, who will be producing a documentary on bringing education to young mothers at home in Kenya through mobile phones. Maria is hoping that winning this competition will provide her with the opportunity to self-produce and direct a film, putting her international editorial values and creative eye to the test! We are looking forward to following Maria's film making journey and to the screening of her documentary at the BFI in 2014...
Best films screened on the day
Lejla's story - Judges Award
You Are Me - Audience Award

Click here to view 60 second documentaries created on the day by our young filmmakers at the BFI Southbank.

Friday 25th October 2013
Seven venues booked to show 22 films in biggest ever festival. More venues to follow!
2013 PresentaPitch and #Tweetapitch
Sunday 1st September 2013
We are delighted to announce that the 2013 PresentaPitch and #Tweetapitch competition is now open for entries. Last year you may remember that we ran a pitching competition at the festival in partnership Your World View, for 15-25 year olds [...] read more

British Universities Film & Video Council confirms support WTP Film Festival
Thursday 28th August 2013
The British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) has confirmed it will continue its support for the We the Peoples Film Festival.  In welcoming this news, Vivienne Eka, Festival Director said [...] read more

We the Peoples Film Festival signs up with FESTHOME to encourage international submissions
12th May 2013
In inviting submissions in 2013, the We the Peoples film festival has teamed up with FESTHOME in its efforts to encourage submissions from round the world. FESTHOME is a film submission service which uses the Internet. It  breaks with the classical concept of distribution to film festivals, on DVD, paper and postal envelope, adapting to the newest Internet technologies while offering the highest screening quality out of all online submission platforms.

We the Peoples Film Festival links up with the Ashdown Academy
22nd April 2013
Students in Events Management studying at the Ashdown Academy will be joining the We The Peoples film festival team this year, taking leading roles in venue liaison, website design and audience handling. The students bring energy and fresh ideas to the Festival” Said David Wardrop Chairman of the UNA Westminster [...] read more

British Film Institute to host We the Peoples Film Festival Youth Day
2nd March 2013
The British Film Institute (BFI) has confirmed that it will continue to host the We The Peoples Youth Day, to be held on Sunday 3 November. The six hour programme, using one of the BFI screens at its South bank location will comprise screening of [...] read more